Worm Therapy

What is Worm Therapy?

It is estimated that around 20% of the western population now have autoimmune disorders [List of Autoimmune disorders - Wikipedia]. Some estimate that 50% of Americans now suffer from asthma and seasonal allergies. Why this is happening seems to be related in part to our overly sterile environment [The Hygiene Hypothesis - Wikipedia].

In the 1980s a group lead by Neil Lynch (University of Venezuela) observed that those with mild infections of hookworm parasite were free of diseases of autoimmunity, asthma and allergy. Later immunologist, such as David Pritchard & Joel Weinstock, began experimenting with treating autoimmune disease with small doses of hookworm.

Today chronic sufferers of allergies, chemical sensitively, asthma, celiac disease, crohns disease, MS etc are finding full remission through worm therapy. At low infections the only evidence of the hookworms are microscopic eggs in the stools. For more info see the FAQ page.

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